Reports in Workday

Users will have access to a wide range of data through new reporting tools such as Workday Reports and Tableau. 

Reports Catalog

A new reports suite is being delivered for the Workday implementation. To help users find and understand the reports that will become available, the team is building a report catalog with report names, descriptions, and key contact names, among other information. The catalog will also contain information provided by subject matter experts to help users discover the new iteration of a legacy report. For example, "if you used to run the TVL100DW Travel Report in eReports, you now will run Find Expense Report Lines in Workday. Learn more at the Data Catalog - Collibra page.
Access Available Reports and Reporting Crosswalk from the Administrative Resource Center (ARC) for a listing of reports available in Workday and Tableau that will be of interest to college and unit fiscal staff, leaders, and managers. The document also provides a crosswalk between legacy reports and Workday/Tableau reports.
Prior to the implementation of Workday, enterprise reports were primarily accessed via eReports or BuckIQ.