Responsible Use

Everyone at Ohio State handles data. Learn how to do it responsibly.

Institutional Data Policy

The university’s Institutional Data Policy (IDP) details how to classify, preserve and protect institutional data. The IDP specifies requirements for working with institutional data while maintaining an open academic culture. The data management work taking place is founded on the policy, furthering the university’s commitment as trusted stewards of sensitive data.

Visit the university's Cybersecurity website for more information and tools to protect yourself and the university.


Data Use Agreement

As part of our initiative to expand the capabilities offered to data analysts across the university, as well as the scope of enterprise data that is made available to them, we are implementing additional governance to keep data secure and safe. The IDP provides the background of the university's requirements around data, as well as the description of the various types of data that live within our organization.

In addition to the IDP, we are implementing a Data Use Agreement (DUA). This agreement provides guidelines that you must adhere to when working with enterprise data. The goal of the DUA is to clarify the responsibility and accountability that accompanies approved access to university data in the Reporting and Analytics Environment (RAE) and to spell out the penalties for failure to comply.

All analysts that request access to the RAE, must read and agree to the DUA before being granted access to the data. More info about the DUA can be found in this Knowledge Base article.

We will continue to refine the scope and content of the DUA. If you have any questions or comments about the agreement, please contact Data Governance Program Director Laura Gast.