Getting Started with Data at Ohio State

Learn more about how data is managed at Ohio State and the tools available to meet your data needs.

What tools do I need?

There are various data tools and services available. Click below to find what best fits your needs.

I need data to feed an application/system

Enterprise Integration Services provides a single, secure way to access web services and APIs, bringing together pieces of separate systems into reusable integrations.

I need to perform data analysis

The Reporting and Analysis Environment (RAE) provides access to data that allow you to confidently and securely use data to answer administrative and academic questions.

I need to create and/or view a report

There are a wide variety of reports available to help the university community consume enterprise data. See Getting Started with Reporting or Available Reports for more information.

I have data I want to share/store

The Reporting and Analysis Environment (RAE) is available for securely storing and sharing your data.