Data and Tool Access

Explore each section for instructions on how to obtain access to reporting tools available at Ohio State.

A note about data access: To view a list of available data sources in the RAE, please access the Certified Enterprise Dashboards link. Tableau access is required to view.

Collibra Access

Please use the IT Service Desk 'Order Service' form (login required) to request access to Collibra.

Reporting and Analytics Environment (RAE) Access includes Enterprise reports and data sources

Use this list as a reference when requesting access to Enterprise certified data sources.

  1. Log in to the IT Service Desk using your university credentials.
  2. Select Order Services from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select Access Management from the list of services.
  4. Select Enterprise Data for Analytics Access Request from the Access Management page.
  5. Verify the User Information is correct.
  6. Select New or Modify Account/Access for the Request Type.
  7. Describe the analysis you plan to conduct with the data in the designated text field.
  8. Select the Data Domain by following the instructions on the form.
  9. Read and accept the Data Use Agreement.
  10. Select Order Now.
  11. Verify the information in the shopping cart is correct and select checkout.
Note: Approval for access to the RAE in the Beta period is subject to the discretion of the Data and Analytics Team, your manager, as well as the domain owner of the data to which you are requesting access.
Once you have been granted access to the RAE, you can begin to query objects that you have privileges to see. Learn more about connecting your query tool to the RAE. Once connected, this document describes how to query objects to which you have been granted query rights.

Tableau Desktop Access

New Tableau Desktop License Orders

  1. Starting February 1, 2022, to request a new Creator License, email Rob Feinholz at Please include the name and name.n of the person the license will be assigned to. 

    • All licenses will be quoted to the common renewal date of 7/22. 

    • Tableau Developers are required to sign the Tableau Digital Accessibility Acknowledgement via DocuSign and accept the terms of Ohio State's digital accessibility policy.

  2.  Your quote will be emailed to you once it is received by CDW.

  3. Using Workday purchasing, submit payment for the quote. If you need assistance, contact your cost center’s finance team.
  4. Once the PO is paid and complete, please forward confirmation of completed purchase order and notification that your keys have been added to the portal to The Tableau Team will then mark your license as ‘Creator’.
  5.  Should you need more immediate access to Tableau, you can download a trial version (2 weeks) from

Yearly Tableau Desktop License Renewals

  1. The Tableau team will send an email to all current Tableau Server Creators, letting them know their licenses are due to expire, and include steps to follow for renewal.
  2. If you need more information please contact

Tableau Server Access

Tableau Server is available to the Ohio State community at

The Enterprise Site License for Tableau Server is licensed and maintained by Ohio State’s Data and Analytics team.

Project-level Access

If you need project access in Tableau start by checking to see if your area has a Tableau project leader. If you do not, send an email to The Data and Analytics team will work with you in determining the next steps for access.

Tableau Permissions and Security

The intersection of a user’s license type, site role, and content permissions determines the level of access a user has on the Tableau site. License type and site role is set and controlled by the OTDI Data and Analytics Tableau team. The project lead and creators control content permissions.

There are four security roles for every project.

  • Viewer – the lowest level of access; allows viewing workbooks and views, adding comments and tags, filtering, and exporting visualizations to pdf, cross-tab, and images
  • Explorer - includes all the permissions of the Viewer role; allows creating and sharing customized views, downloading full data, web editing, and downloading workbook.
  • Explorer (can publish) – includes all the permissions of the Explorer role; allows limited publishing capabilities.
  • Creator – includes all the permissions of the Viewer role, and can create views/workbooks/dashboards, download existing views/workbooks from the Server, use web authoring to change workbooks.

Content may be set to denied, allowed, or unspecified. If a user is a member of two or more groups and any single group denies a capability, the user will be denied the permission.